Took me like ten minutes to choose which baggy sweater I wanted to wear to work today.

Feel fat as fuck.


Gonna be that kind of day.

Live blogging tinder marathons should be a thing.

Aaand that went south pretty quick.

I am talking to a girl on tinder.

This is new.

A) I feel disgusting. I regret all my dietary choices today.

B) Clean eating starts on Monday. I do not give a fuck. I need to get at least one part of my life in order, and this is what I have the most control over at this point.

C) I fucking want some MJ.



I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

(Source: faunasworld-moved)


I want a relationship, but I also wanna be single.

I want someone to cuddle with, but I also wanna sleep alone.

I want sex, but I also don’t.

I think I’m broken.